Chocolate Chip Bar


There’s something so special about the way a cookie melts in your mouth during that first bite and before you know it, it’s all gone. Our Chocolate Chip protein bar comes with all the flavor and none of the guilt. Made from real food ingredients like almonds and unsweetened chocolate it will be there when you need it most to curb that cookie craving and with 9 grams of protein in every bar you can spend less time thinking about what’s inside the bar and more time focusing on the things you love.

Ingredients: Almonds, Egg Whites, Honey, Walnuts, Unsweetened Chocolate, Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Cacao Nibs, Banana, Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt.

Dairy-Free • Soy-Free • Gluten-Free • Grain-Free

  • Benefits
  • Nutrition
  • 9 Grams Of Protein
  • Cage Free Egg Whites
  • No Sugar Alcohols
  • No Brown Rice Syrups
  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • Date Free
Nutritional label for Chocolate Chip Bar

Featured Ingredients

Unsweetened chocolate Chips

One of the nutrient powerhouses of ancient times, dark chocolate is rich in minerals like iron, copper, magnesium and zinc. The unsweetened chocolate in our bars is natures potent antioxidant and contains zero sugar. Additionally, dark chocolate has shown some promising results in studies around mood boosting and cognition. Besides being nutritious, its also delicious!

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